PvP Server monthly reminder

Keep asking for a pvp server with no flag system, higher resource node rate, nerfed camp respawn and inventory drop at death.
Please listen the pvp community, the game already lost 90% of the pver base that jump to another games. Give us a chance.

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Hi, Erebo. I have passed your feedback along to the team.

I can tell you, that the majority of pvp hardcore player wont play a drop at death pvp system… also no one will play a flagged only systeme, because quantity>quality - it just ends in biggest guild wins the open world.

We have a lot of open world pvp on our server… not enjoyable if you play it in a 1:5 rate.


the inventory drop idea is not a good one.

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What do you need a higher resource node rate on a pvp-server for??

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This is a terrible idea.

Splits players, splits codebase and game design direction.

Every server is a pvp server.


Population is already splitted, or you didn’t notice that?

Please devs gives people that enjoy faction warfare his own space, safe from bots and neutrals. We are limited in istanced siege right now. Let us use PROPERLY this wonderful open world that you already have builded.

I am a hardcore PVP player. I never removed the pvp flag since level 10. I uninstalled the game because it took me 2 hours to find 1 flagged person to attack.

The most I want is a full pvp oriented server, but NOT WITH FULL LOOT, full loot is only useful when it takes you 10 minutes to recover your whole exact gear and that means making it very easy to find or very cheap in the market which takes away the sense of exploration and grinding to the game. Albion online is the best example. The whole concept of different gear misses the point because of how easy it is to get the exact same gear you lost 10 minutes ago. If they implement a full loot with the existing mechanics it would be a tragedy. Right now it took 1 week to equip properly to lose everything due to a level 60 who decided to attack a level 15. SO NO FULL LOOT.

What I propose is a full PVP server where one is marked from the moment he joins a faction. And please, make low levels (from the start i.e lvl 10) be part of this too. Don’t add diferent zones for this full pvp system to it where you can only enter at level 40. As a low level I want to test my abilities against other low levels and so know better what build make and works and would also add:

  1. A quest that allows you to track down a player of a level close to yours to go hunt him directly. For example: I’m level 15 and the quest sends me to kill a level 23, a possible challenge.

  2. When killing a player they drop an exact copy of some part of their equipment without really losing it. And 20% of his money. Maybe he drops 20% but in reallity he loses just 2% from their inventory or so. Don’t want to ruin the experience, people join to have fun.

  3. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT. Make it very difficult to level up exponentially. It would be ideal for the entire server to be stuck at level 30-40 for a long period of time. That it takes 3 months of full quest to reach level 60. The reason? Enjoy PVP at any level. I want to see a map full of level 30 for a long period time, wars where the average is lvl 30 and no 60, so a new player in level 15 with good skills can against them.

  4. Penalize abusers in some hard way. That is, a player with a difference of 20 levels kills a lower one. in a 1 vs 1. You can get ideas from World of warcraft. Maybe put a tracker on him so the whole map can hunt him and if he dies, he need to wait 20 minutes to respawn.
    But make possible to a group of 3 level 20 attack a level 60 without penalizing him. You can calculate the gear and ability score to determine the adventage.

to encourage people to enter this full pvp server, you can make this the only server where mobs can drop skins or cool stuff for homes, exclusive events and so on. Just see how world of warcrafit did

or just make it skill based by scaling the levels. Zero reason a pvp server to have level/gear advantage if the goal is to promote PvP and not PK/ganking

Barely anyone is levelling anymore besides the bots.

Not a huge fan of inventory drop until they bring alot of QoL changes to the inventory system.

How was this not a thing on launch? You should always have a PvP and PvE server option.


this is probably the most troll suggestion i’ve ever read even as a pvp player. maybe 5 people out of 100k would ever want this lmao.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the bots are in the game because of PVP-Players!!! Who do you think is paying real world money to skip content in the game?
In that sense, it would mean, the bots will go to the PVP-servers and PVE-Players can finally craft and gather without that pest!

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