PVP Servers - Really think you all should reconsider

So I’m not worried about the diminishing player base. I’m not worried about ‘game breaking bugs’. I have been doing this MMO thing for 20 years now and alot of us old Dread Lords from UO have long since gotten over bugs, dupes, and broken mechancis.

What I don’t get is why you refuse an obvious morale and player pop boost from just having a couple flag-on forced servers. The code/support can’t be that dramatic, and the impact would be significant to your fans/community.

Voluntary systems (like this) will never ‘work’. The community will become fractured like it has in every other game and the ‘consequence’ / ‘risk/reward’ will never balance out. Put all the hethens on the same box and they will claw their eyes out to kill each other for months and laugh at each new day.





Yay agree to disagree; see?


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I can agree that have a server with 62 players at peak hours is a pretty bad investment. Wonder what else that could be used for.



They should have had PvP servers from the start.

It’s too late now.


i’d be all for it. even if i wouldn’t personally join one, höhö

did you forget that not all the areas in Aeternum are unlocked we have less then 50% of the map atm what keeping them from having a dedicated PVP area in the new zones, after all every PVP rant never addresses this


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