PvP Spear Cyclone

Is there a Spear build that utilizes the ability “cyclone” well? I mean 50% slow is insane, but I have not seen a useful build yet.

Heavy CC build Hammer/Spear juggernaut substitutes javelin for cyclone with leeching cyclone.

I run it, it’s pretty nasty.

New World Build Concept: The Juggernaut! DPS - War Hammer, and Spear - Bing video

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very interesting theory crafting!

since the video is from a half year ago, is there any change in your build you’re running at the moment?

what kind of gear is needed? armor with resilient + shirking fortification + weapon perk?

Nice build, but Bing Video? That’s a new one for me.


It’s pretty much the same, there are a few flex abilities you may change.

I primarily run heavy with that combination, but there may be better ones with the new perks out now.

I use all the leech perks, leech/regen/purify and i have a set of lifestealing, and trenchant recovery weapons.

sundering shockwave is also nice to have.

The only thing i’ll say though, is this build lacks any kind of reach or gap close. So i keep a BB in my back pocket to swap out with the spear. Net/claw/shrapnel

Cmon, you don’t remember all the commercials?

Bing it on!

I’ve seen a guy use the cyclone for stamina recovery and slowness.

It’s a frigging nightmare, and he never runs out of stam. Maybe not the most suitable skill to use on a dps burst type but for a heavy lancer with SnS, it come svery handy and pushes ppl back + slow + stamina recovery + leeching

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