PvP - suggestions - longterm motivation

Hey folks,

as PvP is the major selling point and PvE is still pretty much work in progress (while I am also enjoying dungeons and look forward to more challenging content) I would like to make a few suggestions, as others in this forum have done before me, to motivate players to participate.

Make it 10% increase of everything, materials gathered or aquired by any means, luck etc. or increase the overall percentage.

Many ppl don’t flag up because they don’t want t get ganked. While I could care less about being attacked by a a high lvl and occasionally dying, many ppl find it frustrating. So we might need to reconsider debuffs or penalties for ppl with a certain lvl difference (unless they got attacked). In order to allow for more ppl to dare flagging up.

If you are in a group of more than two players the bonus received to exp, whaterever, is diminished by the amount of players in the group. Solo flagged players earn the most.

  • this encourages small scale PvP fights (something so many PvPers want)

Introduce a bounty system :innocent:
- where someone who has repeatedly killed lower level players, or the same player over and over again will become visible on the map and can not disable PvP for some time or until killed.

#4: Forced PvP
for 30 (e.g.) minutes leading up to , during and after a WAR in a Zone.
I knw you want it!! :blush:
(Except for starting areas maybe?) There could be additional rewards for players fighting in these zones.
After all there is a WAR going on for the future of the city, why should there not be fights in that territory all over the place for a set time. Who would pick veggies when there is a war going on close by?

#5: Rotate forced PvP time windows
of different areas to keep it interesting or just one part, no to stress out and worry the PvE player base.

Concerning forced PvP in #4 and #5: I know many players hate this, but would one or a couple of areas for a small time frame be too much to ask to make it more enjoyable for PvP players? I think this might be meeting half way in both player basis’ interests and for PvP players mean not loosing interest in the long run. Because what makes New World unique at the moment is the way this gorgeous world allows for awesome settings for PvP action and ambushes, where other MMOs lock PvP in seperate instances.

Also, extending an olive branch here… AGS could a some kind of consumable that can be obtained through both PvE and PvP that grants you a temporary immunity to PvP in forced areas (diplomatic immunity style) These should of course be rare and not easy to come by.

This has become a much larger text than intended…thanks for reading if you made it this far. Looking forward to your constructive feedback and takes on my suggestions.

Yours (waiting for servers to come back up),


I really hope Amazon takes note of some improvements to the pvp. I think they did not take into account the magnitude of the game that is being wasted. you have to be patient because it is all new, pvp has so much potential to take advantage of and optimize.

the most interesting points:

  1. better bonuses for activating pvp (exp, loot, gold, farm)

  2. more risks to die, the set should suffer more serious damages that make it depend on materials (this would activate the economy and would make PVE farmer players have a lot of importance over those who do not make pve content)

  3. exclusive pvp zones with random events (example certain world bosses that appear randomly)

  4. penalties for zerg, this is very important. The single pvp or small scale has to be rewarded. it is the essence of the open world. We do not want a group of 10 killing 1 farmer, so this point must be taken into account.



I agree, the game and pvp has a lot of potential!

So on #1, we can agree. As will most people.

On your #2 I say suffering dmg to equipment will keep people that want to practice and start flagging up away from pvp, I think there should be no, or only limited dmg to gear. The point with PvE players becoming relavant for the repairs/needs of PvP players is interesting. But I think this should be vice versa and PvP players should be able to provide something for PvE players in return.

On #3 we are basically the same, but I would limit the time windows for PvP so PvE players can also have access, like I pointed out in my initial post.

On #4 Yes!

I think that a company area on the site for recruitment would help. I don’t know anyone else playing this game and I’d like some way to evaluate companies rather than accepting a random invite from “PwnedU” in game.

Ye, that would surely be benefial, but what do you think about my suggestions concerning PvP?

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