PvP Suggestions

List your suggestions here for things related to the PvP Track.
I’ll start us off.

Anyone who is a higher PvP Track Number should give out more PvP XP than normal + (additional item they lose on death / debuff / etc,). Any “PVP(PVE’ers)” that just farm missions would suffer more since they didn’t actually “fight” for most of their track.

Of course, after they hit 200 they can just stay unflagged but AGS prolly just increase requirements or amount given, or decrease how much you get before they get there.

Let me know your thoughts below.

Well they just buffed arenas and opr xp and salt which is a start. They mainly need to make killing players in open world more rewarding. 99 percent of the time you get nothing. Why is it my problem I killed someone who just recently died to someone else? There are better ways to prevent players from farming salt from player kills and they need to implement it. They need to have a better description on the potions pack and what the mods are. 8000 salt for 200 shards is a joke. It should be 500 salt for 200 shards. They also should change the 500 salt for 2 vials of salt and change it to vial of xp.

They need to completely revamp hohe territory push and ownership mechanisms.

  1. Factions control territory and give benefits to faction members. Sort of like how you get global benefits from forts.

  2. Scrap the fetch quests and make pushing territory about capturing and holding various outposts in the open world that generate resources for your faction to assault the fort and flip the territory. You can speed up pushing the territory by transporting resources to the war camp from the outposts.

  3. Get rid of Siege windows - once a territory is pushed it will go to a fort siege within an hour or so. Also the first siege (war) is a queued event. Either solo or as groups of up to 10. How much you contribute to the push gives you a higher slot to get a spot. not getting a spot Carrie’s your influence tk the next time you queue.

  4. Fort siege is geared toward many more smaller objectives. Building and operating siege, capturing specific points etc. try to make it less about bodies in a Small point.

  5. Add in a separate company v company mode. Add in company guild house locations throughout the open world and a ranking system that allows top companies to claim better and better spots with specific benefits. Company v company mode would be something like 20v20 or something with the ability to have only 5 mercs.

Bring OPR back.

Great Cleave has been nothing but flagged PVE and people raging when I kill them. Arenas are not competitive. Pre-mades or whatever team has a healer wins ez. No OPR available and the ques I do get are not competitive.

The people the farthest in the “PVP” track are the ones who ran up and down a hill the most. lol. Major fail.

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