PVP Territory Influence missions

Does anyone actually have fun running the same 2 pvp missions over and over to gain influence for a territory? I do not

My suggestion would be have arena battles of 5v5 or 10v10 that push influence with wins/losses. You actually fight in the town arena you are trying to push influence for instead of the open world pvp missions there is now. This will encourage teams to form together in the same faction and more people getting involved in arena battles to win control of the town to push for war.

Everyone could watch the arena battles take place and cheer on for their faction from the stands and you could ACTUALLY watch the fight for the town take place.

This would at least get people involved more in pvp and not have a 200 person swarm doing boring missions every 10 minutes.

Thoughts? Does anyone actually enjoy doing these faction missions?


Not if thats the best solution but they need to do something about the current missions. Or get rid of influence entirely and have war in ever territory every day.

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Pvp missions are good, but ofc there needs to be more faction quests, then 4-5quests in repeat.

Arena 5vs5, 10vs10 to have more influense over an territory sounds like an nice idea.

My point of view I would gladly have guild influense, then factions.
Would gladly remove factions from the game, its so unbalanced…on my server all new players join syndicate and they have like 90% of the world territory.

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They should just make owning the fort give influence over time. If the attacker owns the fort then their influence ticks up. If the owners of the town own the fort then the influence ticks back down. This would funnel open world pvp somewhere at least. Might not be the perfect solution but its an option. Keep the missions for those that want to do them for tokens.


Yes I like the idea of having fort control a big part of the influence and should be made in a way that its crucial to hold the fort or the territory will be almost impossible to take. I think smaller arena battles would be cool for at least part of the deciding factor. at least it would be fun to watch instead of 100 people running back and forth killing whoever they see.

Guild/Company Influence sounds better as well, there could be a tally of what guilds are winning arena battles, who is holding the fort, open world pvp kills etc. I think also we need weekly events to keep people engaged for more than a 5 minute quest. The game is lacking fun at the high level repeatable quests, we need to make the endgame content worth it and engaging for everyone

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This is supposed to be a war not a dueling contest. Their needs to be more things you can do to aid the war effort that pushes influence.

A dueling competition is far more exciting than repetitive fetch quests with pvp on but I know what youre saying. Something to actually bring the factions to war in the real world would be enticing.

At the very least there need to be better alternative missions since the Fort capture option is commonly blocked by the fort being locked for invasions and such.

More variety wouldn’t hurt. I know some people who actually enjoyed the wood fetch quests and stuff like that since it was more interactive that just running circles for hours.

Go run influence in ebonscale or mourningdale and you’ll be tired yourself from watching your guy run marathons

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The whole territory mechanic needs to be completely redone. Factions should own territories not companies. They need to give companies other ways of gaining prestige/pvp activities.

Influence in a zone is from capturing and holding objectives (outposts, forts, etc.) and building up siege materials/supplies for your faction to use in any upcoming war. These materials impact the siege you can build, consumables available for the war and maybe even respawns available?

When influence is pushed war starts within a half hour. 5 man groups can queue together to get in. No one person gets to just dictate who gets in.

Loot from war wins should get better the longer a faction has controlled the territory and the amount of effort put into pushing it. A 3am no resistance push would give little in terms of rewards, but a 5 hour back and forth culminating in the war would have pretty great gear or crafting mat drops.

I want to just be able to log on and play the damn game. I’m so tired of logging on and only being able to OPR.

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some really awesome ideas here. having a reason to be out defending and upgrading a fort/outpost in the open world would would definitely get more people involved in helping. Even if its just someone trying to take supplies from one outpost to another while people defend them or something would keep me entertained

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