PvP tier 200 and all tradeskils 200 in 6 weeks all for nothing

So I went from 56 to 60, PvP tier 200, and all tradeskills to 200 + all gear and trophies that come with it within 6 weeks.

Sometimes playing up to 20 hours a day, doing 200+ hours in 2 weeks.

I ve loved this game in this time more than anything (obviously).

When I finaly got all to 200, I was able to gear up.


my server died, and I was unable to play any pvp or pve for WEEKS, so all that I ve worked for, all that I loved about this game was gone within a few days.

Then I couldnt play for weeks so AGS gave the server of FAE a server merge with nilfheim.

Basicaly 2 insane dead servers, merged into 1 dead server.

Just logged in, no dungeons, no pvp, no activity, just chest runs.

I guess this is the final nail in the coffin.

As much as I love this game, I do not feel like transfering from a dead server, to a slightly less dead server(since the full onces are locked) just to see the slightly dead server become totaly dead within months, and then having to transfer again from a dead server to a slightly less dead server and repeat the proces.

We need a fix because at this point, what is the point for me to log in?

Had all my reall life friends come to the server, and now I m unable to make em pay again for server transfer. So the option I got is, remain on this new merged but dead server, and never touch my char again.

Or pull my wallet again, make a SOLO transfer becsuse my reall life friends wont play like this anymore because ags are unable to keep populations healthy.

For now I am quiting the game untill there is a fix to the 1 hour arena and opr q s. this is terrible and I have no longer any reason to log in anymore, eventho I ve never loved a game this much in the last 15 years.

Goodbye, very sad.

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so u should be able to tell me, when will I find a goddamn wildfire torch

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