PVP Track, and Gear

I think the PVP rewards track needs to be reevaluated with its current reward pools in a couple of forms. The first being the items that pop up on it. OPR loot boxes are exponentially more valuable than the reward track drops. I am personally at 160 and have seen 2 non named legendary drops appear. That is it, and both happened to be bad. While in OPR, your odds of seeing a legendary drop appear, that can contain BIS stats at a much higher rate. Shards seem low, and gypsum orbs seem rare. Your typical reward track will have some worthless potion packs (most aren’t crafting the perks that come with them) and some purple gear.

The next issue is the Named gear that comes from the tracks. The Champions jewelry is pretty good, but the rest of the named pieces are generally invalidated because of the current state of shirking heals. The perks at glance looks fun, and is a great idea, but the balancing of it is way off. Especially when compared to your more traditional pvp defensive perks such as shirking fortification, or any of the aversions. My recommendation is to bump shirking heals from 100, to 225 heal per piece.

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