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What is up with these terrible perk pools for life staff? How is it that the sword and hatchet have BiS perks, but life staff gets a damage perk, and on top of that a conditional one? It just doesn’t make any sense. No healer in their right mind would ever use this thing in any scenario. And if you go to roll a life staff, keen and vicious have by far the highest chance to roll. Those are 100% dead perks on a life staff. Because y’all decided to incorporate the Blessed perk into the game, it’s an absolutely MUST HAVE for any life staff, and now that weapon perks have been introduced as being stronger on weapons, Mending Protection and Refreshing Divine Embrace are must haves as well. I’m not saying make it super easy to roll BiS, but come on, this is a bit ridiculous and silly.


Gonna petition here to get refreshing evasion changed to refreshing move on this: Iridescence - Item - New World Database

Show the healers some love, AGS. Especially with the state of the LS crafting perk pool

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