PvP Tutorial and survival tactics as a healer

this is how to play a healer in OPR

Part 2


I would like to see some melee tips I have noy been playing since december meta changed, people are better now, cant find myself xd

He’s just trolling. He is just standing still and still getting value because the life staff is broken. I’m hoping with the addition of arenas AGS finally balances or reworks the life staff.

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He’s not trolling you can do that with a life staff against people that don’t know what they are doing. If he gets caught by someone who actually knows what they are doing he will die very quickly. The life staff isn’t broken if someone has good DPS or roots and stuns he cant cast and can’t keep up with the healing a good spear player that knows the combos can stunlock a healer. likewise, i would like to see him do that against 3 GA/WH players


For me also he heals his teammates from save spot, nobody went for him so he can chill. Thats how u play healer or any range dps. Mostly people who dont know what they are doing take range dps, totally bad positiong and then tell on forum ong GA to OP he killed me in 3 sec xd Thats how for me should looks a good balance. As range u play save if u do mistake melees will punish u quickly. Playing as melee in every mmo game is very hard as range u just aim and do lbm spam.

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i did my best

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I daRe YoU to sOlo 3 DPS I beT u CaNt lolol those comments are great.


You cant solo 3 DPS the point he was making was that he got a good position healed his team without dying. even if you heal from the back you can still get rolled from behind and die easily as pure healers are soft targets as they have no real DPS you can block 2 hits at most with an LS. The other thing is that many people have gap closers you may think that you are at a safe distance but a GA using charge can quickly get in range for a gravity well.

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my point, sarcastic or not, is that you shouldn’t be able to solo 3 pure dps as any class/build.
MMOs that do that are mainly cheese ball MMOs that have no skill. When that happens in this game, you can feel the skill gap when going against bad or “Worse” skill players.

I do it a lot. sad thing is- those people who get stomped out through skill gaps are the loudest in the forums that demand for change XD

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You are 100% correct sad thing is people watch these videos and think healing is OP and it gets nerfed because he can’t be killed. I can tell you from experience that someone who knows what they are doing will wreck me very quickly and someone who has the same build and doesn’t know how to use it I can troll them and stay alive. This goes for any class the higher skilled player will normally win easily even if both are running the same builds and gear



BuT iF a HeAlEr CaN’t SuRvIvE 1v3 ThEy ArE uSeLeSs AnD tHaT’s NoT bAlAnCe!

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yeah I know right :expressionless: if I can’t face roll 3 people in a 3v1 then my build is useless lolol half the threads about weapon balance stems from this. pretty sad.

I’ve won 1v1s 2v1s and 3v1s yet as soon as I die to a single person, I want EVERYONE TO GET A NERF over any prioritizing of stability/Desync… fix my build so I can solo the entire game XD lol

then I’ll blame AGS as if they caused me to die.

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LOL! Eggszi seems the type of player who will run here complaining about healers.

I wonder on which drugs those 3vs1 healers are, because I’ve been playing heal as main since the beginning and man, once they focus you, you are gone. It takes a little extra effort, like, 2 extra skills, but you are toast. Are we talking about that? My take is that the LS is a lazy weapon with all the area stuff, but with the game mechanics, there’s no better way around, and as they haven’t improved and seems they won’t ever change the targeting system, everything seems to be focused on AoE skills, be it for heals or damage.

But then again, a healer should be a little harder to kill, on the other hand, he won’t be able to kill anyone so we are kinda on a balanced spot, but maybe my opinion is biased, I’m a healer myself, and boi I get stomped regardless.


It looks more like everyone knows he’s a heavy-armored high mitigated healer so they’ve learned over time to not bother. If he stood on point they’d have given him trouble.

Even then, no muskets or bows taking headshots on him, no multiple players attempting to CC. They practically ignored him.

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He doesn’t have “good” positioning. He is standing still. Multiple people try to attack him and they recognize it is futile, so they end up doing something else. You cannot just stand still and get value with any other weapon.

We have a LMB abuser here it seems who can not comprehend balancing and actual using a weapon and his brain at the same time.

LS is not broken, VG is :wink:

You see the part where he just holds “w” and the vg couldn’t hit him?

Nah, couldnt watch through it all. OP is just one of your breed, mad cause bad. I mean hes using heavy LS/SS as example, so hes living in Octobre 2021 Im pretty sure - noone plays like this anymore :smiley:

I like it when like 6 of you oonga-boongas try to kill me in OPR as medium healer with VG off-hand though. You just cant do it and then I bait for my team and yall get melted in 2 secs when i finally scream and oblivion you in their Grav Well <3