PvP Tutorial and survival tactics as a healer

What a lot of the “healers are op” people fail to understand it is a difference in player that determines if we healers live or die. A bunch of unorganized dps aren’t going to do much. Their attacks are erratic granting so much free time to cast & recast SG then use LE. Lower skillcap Pvpers will sit there LMB expecting a healer to tea pose & die to them.

In that whole video, it was literally a healer sitting there enjoying the sunlight while watching inexperienced pvpers bash LMG hoping some anime level beat down happens.

Now when a coordinated group spots a healer, they are packing Spear/VG/IG/GA/WH/SnS and will stunlock, debuff, root, and erase a healer like nobodies business. Even in heavy armor when a coordinated group is on my ass I will stun them & get the hell outa dodge. Especially in a contested area because 9 out of 10 times healers almost never have allies protecting them.

LS is not broken, Healers are not overpowered.
Only gods to less experienced players.


Hey i have a part 2 comming stay tuned

11k health, 350 focus, can die to a GA/WH without being able to cast a single spell, healing OP, LOL

ya its fun i die all the time check this next video on step 2

Part 2 on how to be a healer in OPR

This structure was killed 3x in this OPR using RG’s simple steps

The enemy is still not smart they make wall too short to defend important structure in the center of base!

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So what you are saying, healers can die if you stunlock them until they are dead? Bruh. But if you fail just one stun he will top himself up from 1-100 with one buttong and put down an aura that will outheal most damage.

Part2: They’re not CCing you at all, one stun anywhere in those chains and you are dead… This almost looks staged with your buddies or something

This 100%, in the part 2 video the other two players attacking him are just left clicking, if they used a stun anywhere in the chain of attacks it would be game over. It almost looks staged or the two attacking players are really bad and don’t understand the power of a well place CC

When you’re a Dps you expect to kill people, when you’re a healer you expect to survive. If Dps can kill a healer 1 vs 1 what’s the point of playing healer because you sure as hell can’t kill anyone. The fact that a good Dps can kill a healer when played well tells me healing is actually not strong enough…

The spear guy tripped him 4 times in that clip, and he got gravity welled twice.

I disagree. You should expect to heal as a healer. A tanks job is to survive. Unfortunately, healers in new world pvp are better tanks than real “tanks,” which part 2 highlights. A tank would not have been able to destroy the structure and would have died to those 2 attackers.

How much you wanna bet that 99% of those complaining about healers are OP are GA/WH players?


I dont even have to bet, its fucking obvious to me these people here are GA/WH oonga-boongas, who can not comprehend they wont kill a healer by spamming LMB.
I guess they dont even know LS got gutted by 20% healing output across the board some months ago.

OP and others commenting here are mad cause bad, thats it. Case closed.


Who else would actually complain about the life staff? People who use the life staff think it’s fine. Many people who don’t use it think it’s busted.

When I use the life staff, I think the actual healing is fine, but the fortify stacking is extreme. Orb of protection particularly bugs me because it lasts +20 seconds, but has a 10 second cooldown, which allows you to have a 10% fortify and self heal up 100% of the time. No other ability in the game works like that. You shouldn’t be able to apply it to yourself or the cooldown needs to be longer than the duration of the ability.

The point is to heal for a healer, not being unkillable. If a dps can’t kill a healer or a tank in 1v1 whats the point playing dps?

Ya this is a tank build his heals are really bad and he can’t do any damage. If you go full heavy SnS and crank up Con, and then offhand a life staff you are now using one of the best tanking builds. The downside is they aren’t going to do any damage with this you don’t see the video where he takes out and kills everyone because his damage is so bad he’s not a threat to anyone. Also poor heals when I see 500’s for Sacred Ground ticks.

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The DPS can and do all the time, they also top the charts every game no matter how much healing I do. And the point is dps can still kill people when a healer is not supporting the other player and in many cases even when a healer is supporting them. A healers function in PvP and PvE is to out heal the damage, if they couldn’t do this then dungeons would always fail…

A tanks job is to survive with support (try tanking an M+ without a healer), otherwise it just takes longer to kill them and tanks have very little sustain so without a healer your point is moot

Thats just a tutorial for a bad healer.

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