PvP Tutorial and survival tactics as a healer

I put regulary 1M+ heals in opr, min 800k and don’t die normally much. yes, i roll with a rapier, and i normally play in my toes, still, can be chain cc to death if i am caught. I am guessing you saying you are running with LE, orb and sacred ground when you run with your LS. Most of the healers run beacon/orb/sacred, so they don’t have a self heal 100% on, that even with 4 refreshing evasion and 3 refreshing don’t get lower than 1.20 secs , they simple don’t take LE, which is fine for war, but i love my LE. The issue here, is most of the bruisers think they should be able to kill a healer 1v1 b/c hey, they are bruisers… they have 15% dmg reduction from build, 60 % of cc reduction from perks and build and 40% extra dmg reduction from use heavy gear without their dps suffer (remember that thing about healers in heavy gear?) , and they think they are entitled to be able to caught a healer in light gear while they wear plate. Healers are fine, nerfing healers at this point will make your runs in dungeons more complicated, we already got nerfed.


That is sort of my point. Healers, by themselves, are better tanks than actually tanks. And 2 healers healing each other are more difficult to kill in PvP than 1 tank and 1 healer.

How to be a pro healer

Click 1 button to full HP. Wait 3-4 secs. Repeat process. You are the best ever now.

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Yea, I don’t know why lights embrace is capable of healing for +10k every few seconds. Why does something that strong have such a short cooldown?

Correct but a good player very rarely misses a stun or an interrupt (thats what makes them good). An average or inexperienced player won’t always keep you stunned and they won’t have an optimum gear set up either and gear perks make a big difference. It’s not just healers who will die if they get stunlocked most people will die if they are stun locked.

You must share that build I would love my LE to do 10k heals

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10.5k is the highest I’ve ever gotten. That was prior to the 625 mutation patch, so I’m sure others have gotten significantly higher by now. LE heals for 8.5k in medium armor with 300 focus….

muito bom!
é legal ver assuntos desse tipo no fórum e não só reclamação kkkk

80% weapon damage is LE’s base. It is fairly weak on its own. It is the 30% bonus per buff that grants it the power that it has. A 10k is at most cases around 5 - 9 buffs on target without factoring in light vs heavy. As Light would exceed it being around 4 - 8 buffs.

The more buff stacked your target or self is the greater LE becomes. Ontop of combination with every heal bonus granted through healing nodes yields the target amount. This is crucial when maximizing LE output.

Combined with SE’s 50% increase to incoming heals the maximum output of LE breaks the ceiling. Which is also why Oblivion does well to disrupt the maximization process as you’re taking away the buffs that grant its power in the first place.

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