PvP Updates for 2023 - AGS needs a different vision

New World: Forged in Aeternum - Community Q&A (February 2023) - YouTube Just watched the latest dev video. Acknowledging comments like those in the video is the reason why I’ve played this game for so long.

This forum post probably won’t get looked at to relay to the devs, but I’ll comment anyways and hope for the best.

It really shows the devs care about this game but some of their understanding of what players want is misguided. When people ask for pvp undated, that doesn’t mean meta changes, cross world OPR/3v3s (I mean US-west doesn’t even have a server to sync up with anymore), or a rework of the pvp track. These things are nice but are not what is being asked for. When players asked for leaderboards, it was implied that it be pvp leaderboards with an MMR system.

By pvp updates we mean, creating a PvP only zone with X resources (that are collected in that zone) that drop if you die there. Or creating a trade pack system to encourage open world pvp (like you see in archeage). Or introducing a world boss that you have to be flagged to get to and it naturally creates open world conflicts. PvP BIS gear you can buy with pvp points. We want NEW pvp content, not just quality of life improvements. Right now, wars are the major endgame pvp… and those players sticking around for that need something else.

Ask yourself this question: Why do you as a player, keep playing NW? What keeps you coming back. I guarantee it’s not running a dungeon over and over again, or completing your seasonal pass (which once again goes away from allowing players to participate in the content they want which is a whole other issue), it’s not to do quests… so many other games just do those things better. ITS BECAUSE OF THE WARS! THE ACTION COMBAT PVP. THIS IS WHAT MAKES THIS GAME UNIQUE AND KEEPS PLAYERS AROUND.

I feel like the vision for this game has gotten lost. You have a beautiful open world with a unique combat system. But with every update, more pve and more instanced based content is introduced. We don’t want our hand held to tell us what to do at endgame… that stuff sucks. We want things to do that naturally draw people to do them because they’re fun… not because a pop up says you get some xp on your season track. This isn’t a mobile game.

Please please please get back that old vision of what the game could be… you devs have the possibility to create something that will revolutionize mmos. You have the foundation already… you need the vision. Nothing on the 2023 roadmap KEEPS players. Nothing should feel like a job. Anything that encourages unnatural player behavior is bad.

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