PvP Vs PvE players, Change is needed

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To AGS and Forum members

I would first like to state that I very much enjoy New World, and I love most of the direction the developers are taking the game. As a PvE player, I very much enjoy the PvE content, and I have no interest in the PvP content. If that’s your thing, then do what you enjoy. That being said, New World has a major issue, being PvP players Vs PvE players. There is no reason in the world why they should ever have to cross paths. PvP players should never have to do any form of PvE content outside of leveling their character. There needs to be a line drawn and they need to be separate from one another there is no reason why this can’t happen; its very simple to keep these separate.

PvP Gear
All PvP gear, weapons, crafting mods, etc, should be able to be obtained from PvP content, such as getting azoth salt or faction tokens, and spending it at a vendor. The current faction armor is not great, and with the amount of time and effort to get that many tokens, it’s just better off to go somewhere else for your starting gear.

PvP Chat
Even chat should have a line drawn. There is no reason why everyone needs to share all the same chat. Why can’t we have a PvE recruitment chat, and PvP recruitment chat. Just replace the help channel. I’ve never seen a single person use the help channel.

PvP weapons
Now, this one gets a little hard to pull off, but I think this is the most important one. There should be two sets of weapon masteries; one for PvE and one for PvP. That way, when it comes to nerfs or balance changes, one isn’t screwing over the other. There can also be more tailored talents and abilities for each one, so PvE would have its own set of talents and abilities, and PvP would have its own set .

More PvP maps
There is no reason why you guys can’t have multiple maps for OPR or Arenas. If your concern is that it’s going to split people, and you’re going to have to fill two different lobbies, you’re wrong. There are many ways to have these things not be any issues:
1.Rotate maps every couple of days or weeks to allow them always to be fresh.
2.Have a random map every time, so if you have 2-3 maps every time a lobby is made, it picks
3.Allow players to choose what map they play, but have a weekly rotation of a bonus or
encouragement for players to play a specific map.
4. Setup cross server OPR and Arenas many games do it and its the perfect fix
These are just a few of many ways more maps would be very easily for PvP content.

Encourage Open-World PvP
You were on the right track to encourage open-world PvP with the 10% XP buff while flagged, but you stopped there, why? You could offer so many things with this to encourage people to flag in the open world such as:

  1. A gathering yield and luck increase.
  2. Base luck increase (I’ve heard this is in the game but it doesn’t say you get luck when flagged so I assume it’s not)
  3. Attribute buff
  4. Speed buff, so if you’re flagged your base speed is faster than everyone else. This would be
    balanced as all PvP players would have the same speed.
  5. Increased coin drop
    This list can go on. Another forum of Gypsum could be added that is obtained by going and fighting in a fort once a day. That would get more foot traffic around the forts, as well as for flagged players. I know that would cause PvE and PvP paths to cross but, you can’t not have them 100% not cross, it’s going to happen. It’s better in open-world than in, say, OPR or Arenas.

The main reason why things like this need to happen, and why the line needs to be drawn is when I go and do an expedition, and a group of PvP is just trying to get a piece of armor or something, and we keep wiping. Or when I, a PvE player, go into an Arena to get Gypsum, not caring if I win or lose, and the faster I get it done the better, it is very frustrating to have either of these things happen. They shouldn’t happen.

Im sure alot of people might this this will only divide the player base even more but this is how it is in almost every other mmo so why change that in this one?

These are just some of my personal thoughts about the balance between PvE and PvP players. Until the line is drawn, and these are separated with enough content to keep players happy on both sides, the game will never be good, and the players will never be happy or remain.
Thank for you reading. I hope most people agree and hopefully, we can get some change soon. I would love to hear what people think, and maybe AGS will see why the changes need to be made.

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Thanks so much for the feedback @Vinniron I will pass this information along to the team!

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