PVP will never be fun unless they remove SG

Sacred Ground has to be removed from the game. The skill makes healing a no brainer. I have never seen such op aoe healing in any mmo befor. They just put a green circel on the ground that 1-100 full team standing in it… Sometimes you can stand 20 ppl there and bomb the clumps but nothing dies. VERY SKILLED AGS HEALING.



CD on sacred ground is 14 sec only with full Refreshing(every armor pieces and jewerly).
There is cast time so u can be staggered while casting.

you just have to better look out for opponent’s movements before striking with stagger or cc to cancel the cast.

Hope this help get u better at killing healers.


im not talking about killing healers, i just cant belive that one skill that has a aoe area fully heals 20 ppl full health every second. That is my issue no one can tell me they think this is balanced or a fun or “skilled” way to play healer in a mmo?

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SG is really strong due to Anointed. It’s not so much the skills healing in itself. The 50% incoming healing is pretty insane. Orb and Beacon heal for the same amount I believe, but when not in a sacred they literally lose a third of their healing.

Once you add in beacon, orb and sacred, you get somewhere around 5k health per second if a healer has generous buffs to their healing and they’re in an SG.

That same value, without Anointed would become 3.3k/sec

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they are not get full healed by SG in one second. Other healing spells might occurred in the same instance, OrB and Beacon like IDarkStar up here said ;D


it doesnt matter what u say. U, me and everyone know how broken healing is in this game right?

we are not supposed to dance around in sg and just fight 20v20 for 10min


Why not? if all people are braindead and noone go to kill/apply pressure to the healers, its your punishment to be fighting for 20 min.


what ever healer main.

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This has been argued so much and everyone just claims get good. Yes S.G is broken.


0 days since someone asked AGS to compensate for their lack of skill.


Without this SG pvp will looks like : Run 50 sec to fighting zone, die in 1-3 sec due to random CC, repeat. Even after nerfs, strong heal give people chances to at least fight a little bit longer… if u dont iframe oponent’s attacks u will die instantly even with pocket healer and inside SG in fight against good players…


Oh look, another DPS who won’t be happy until healing is nerfed so far into the ground it may as well not exist.

dead horse


If Sacred Ground actually did fully heal 20 people to full health every second, I agree, it would need to be removed.

However, since Sacred Ground quite clearly does NOT do that, it does not need to be removed.

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Unless they changed something, you can cast a second sacred ground before the first one expires if you land a few auto-attacks.

Anyway, removing persistent AoE heals, like beacon/SG, would solve some problems with the life staff. Mainly, it would prevent the LS user from healing themselves and their teammates at the same time, which leads to balancing issues.

I think the idea would be to remove/reduce AoE healing, and then adjust damage so melee are not entirely dependent on a healer pocket. AGS will never be able to balance the game how it is without forcing role queues (I.E. each team has the same number of healers).

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False. Pvp will never be fun as long as ranged is as op as it is. Sacred ground doesn’t make the game unfun. Besides they did nerf it with the fortify changes.

Agreed, healing needs to be nerfed !!!

Heals should only affect one player at a time, no sharing SG. Whoever gets in SG first benefits from it, only heals one player at a time. This would balance PvP greatly, you can leave PvE healing as-is for clump healing.

If healers could not mass heal, healing would be a much less unbalancing factor in any group fights, 3 v 3 etc

It’s pretty OP in OPR which wouldn’t be an issue if teams were balanced.
I can try to make it to a healer and maybe interrupt or get a kill, 9 out of 10 times I’m going to die either way. Or I can just hope our heals outlast theirs and just pad my damage.

healing is quite op against sh!!tters

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Honeslty my group would still smoke you’re group if I was only allowed to run Splash/de/Le

Healing (outside of 3s where it most certainly needs toned down) is not OP. In both OPR and War players are very much killable and it highlights the team fighting combat that this game promotes.

I find a lot of people who complain about healers have one of 2 issues:

  1. they play solo

  2. they don’t understand in OPR that imbalance of healers between teams is the issue. If you don’t have healers and the other team does it’s going to be painful. When there are around equal numbers of healers things operate like they should

Now should SG have a longer CD or less uptime, sure and argument can be made for that. But SG without targeted heals isn’t what’s winning fights

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You cannot fix SG until the TTK gets to the point a healer can be expected to be able to single target heal a group. If people are just insta dying then there’s no point in single target heals in a group environment because you’ll save 1 of 4 if you’re lucky. Unfortunately with the 3 ability limit the toolkit is going to be very shallow.