PvP xp fix devs please respond

Arenas should grant 300-500xp per round won and 500 extra for team that won the match
arenas are SOOOOOO underwhelming for xp.

OPR should be 5k per win and 1.5k for losing or adjust for how close the game was for the losing team. Opr takes to long and isnt fun enough to not be more rewarding for xp

nobody wants to spam the same 4 quests in GC till they lose their mind because thats the most efficient way to get xp.


They can also add bonuses for capturing points in opr.


anything to make opr worth it cause currently opr is a waste of my time!


@Luxendra help us plz

Great cleave missions have been in the game since day 1, it was extremely incompetent of them to have arenas and opr give such little xp compared to other mindless activities like pvp missions. I can do both sanctify and the asset quest in great cleave in 4 minutes. While arenas is 750-200 depending on if you win or lose and it takes about 10 minutes per arena match depending on how close of a game it is and opr gives 2500 and most matches are about 30 minutes.

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Instead of giving out more to other modes, just reduce the rewards for OWPVP faction quests until it’s no longer the “most efficient” way. Keep deleting rewards until the other modes pick up.

If they never do, too bad. Obviously no one was really interested in those PvP modes. Certainly no one wants to do them simply because they are fun, right? – Obviously they are not fun because players are more interested in doing boring repetitive things and just collect rewards.
Just delete those game modes entirely and stop wasting resources developing them.

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Arenas are not rewarding, OPR is not rewardng, PVP missions are boring. Openworld kills are the only thing that is both rewarding and fun, and even that is dependent on players having fresh xp or salt. I can’t be fucked to wait for a player to regen their xp or salt, Im still going to kill them and it just prolongs the time that they become useful for progression.

And ffs, let us swap factions or remove them entirely as dead or dying servers have 1 populated faction and 2 dead factions. I logged off today when there hadnt been anyone worth killing for xp or salt for an hour in Great Cleave. Fun game design.

That will just kill the game even more. Buff rewards for other means and reduce the time to regen xp/salt and give players a base amount of xp/salt regardless of when they last died.

100 xp/salt minimum on kill. Starts regening as soon as you spawn, and capping at 1.6k xp 3k salt at 10 minutes since last death. Split rewards between knockdown and kill if its different player.

Make pvp camps destructible and remove 30 second timer on pvp enable after leaving town. Its basically spawn at camp unless timer is 30 seconds or more then, reset at camp.

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If they would get rid of this bull shit rng pvp gear thn maybe pvp modes would be useful and fun! Like why tf is pvp gear on an rng loot table with 200 tracks or whatever. That was the mistake making pvp gear rng.


I do think in game performance should matter if they can figure out a way to do it that can’t be gamed…

People start trading forts in opr?

Agree. Rewards for pvp need to be higher than GC quests. Even though open world pvp kind of exists only in GC because of these quests, arenas and OPR are not incentivized nearly enough with rewards.

Capping a point in opr should contribute to XP so people will WANT to play the objective and win.

meh, ive gotten every piece of named gear by tier 60. Several pieces multiples times. After you get the named gear, all that is left is bis 3 perk gear, which is fairly decently paced. The issue is rate of xp, only openworld kills on fresh xp/salt is both fun and rewarding. The other modes can be fun, but not anywhere near worth the time. And no Community Mangers, this does not mean nerf openworld kills.

Ive ran maybe a total of 5 GC missions, with the rest of my levels coming from openworld kills. Missions are the most braindead, unimaginative, and boring content. I swapped factions the day after the Arena update went live and had to level my faction all over again. I did it solely off killing players (max tokens still bugged which is no surprise giving NW devs) while farming pvp xp track.

The pvp rewards track main problem as far as loot goes, is the fact that at lvl 60 t4 potion packs are still a thing. Nothing should be less t5 by the time you are lvl 60. Gold coin bundles are still offering the old non updated amounts, so sometimes you get way less then you should. Some of the gear is still suffering from the main stat and weapon perk not being feasible.

PvP was already basically dead and the arena update proved it even more.
Looks like no one really wanted to do OPR. Looks like no one really wants to do Arena. Because they don’t care about those game modes. They just care about reward numbers going up as fast as possible.
They probably don’t even want to do OWPVP faction quests but that’s the “most efficient” choice for numbers to go up. They just want to press a button and wait for rewards to pop out. They don’t care about what they are actually doing.
Not sure why they don’t just go play an Idle Game that plays for them while they sleep and wake up the next morning to log in and collect rewards.

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