PVP XP Question

The line that says “…and earning XP while flagged.” To me this reads, if I am flagged and I gain xp doing anything outside of a settlement, I should also gain PVP XP. Just tried this in-game and I get no PVP XP. Killing NPCs and gathering gives no PVP XP.

Is this how it should be working or am I missing something?

Seriously you think you will earn PvP exp doing PvE???

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Well yes, that’s how it’s written.

What is wrong with you???

Is it wrong to ask a question?

The description of how you earn PVP XP is misleading or wrong because it says you will gain PVP XP when flagged and you gain XP.

Use your brain. PvP track.

PvP track.




Stop giving the OP sh*t.

He can read, and what it says is that you gain PVP Xp doing anything. Apparently nobody else in this thread can read.

That is not the way it is, nor is it the way it should be, but that is definitely what the patch notes say, and only myself and the OP know how to read, apparently.


Yikes that wording on that line is just horrendous.

“Progress your track by engaging in PvP Missions, War, Outpost Rush, Capturing Forts, Defeating other players, 3v3 Arenas and earning XP while flagged.”

I’m sure they are meaning the PVP XP for the track… but the wording at the end does indeed make it seem like from anything while Flagged.

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