PvP Zone conquest redesign

Here are the revisions i suggest

  • Remove the questing to progress the bar feature. Its bad, and almost everyone agree’s on it. Do not design the game in a way that forces pvpers to do pve, or the other way around.

  • Make pvp tokens from quests have to be donated to the company through boards. These tokens should be deposited in the company bank. Alternatively, an item that can be bought in the shop and deposited will work

  • Companies can now declare war on a zone if:

    • They are a different faction
    • They are the same faction, but a different company
  • Wars can be declared by simply paying the resource and waiting to the next vulnerability window.

  • PvP misison board quests will not primarily be for gear, and tokens for war dec.

and of course, i recommend the following city changes to go with it.

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