PvP Zone please

The original version of this game was very PVP centric where you could loot players that you killed. While the direction of the game has changed from that original vision the game could still benefit from parts of that vision being implemented into the game in a different way.

We should have a PVP zone in this game where killing and looting other players is the main premise of the In this zone. In this zone all players will be automatically flagged for pvp and if you kill someone here you will get all or most of the loot they earned in the zone. Once you step into the zone you can’t fastravel out. This zone could also have high risk high reward mobs and recourses giving players more reason to go to this zone. This adds some diversity to the game and it gives people that like PVP something they want without negatively affecting people that prefer PVM. On top of this players can only group with 3-5 others and everyone else is flagged to help discourage large groups from gate keeping.

Runescape had a similar zone in the game called “The Wilderness” this pvp zone was a big driving factor of the game for years and it was many players favorite part of the game. If New World properly implements a PVP zone Amazon could capture the pvp/survival crowd they were initially aiming for in addition to the players they’ll get with the games new direction.

What makes PVP zones so good is how they’re in contrast to the rest of the game map. The rest of the game map is fairly safe from PVP interactions but once you enter this PVP zone you can kill and loot other players and that creates a really fun dynamic. A lot of focus is put on the PVP aspect but looting a players items once you’ve killed them can also be a very satisfying experience so the loot aspect should also be a big part of this zone. Would you like to see something like a PVP Zone in New World?

Thanks for the feedback @banqs I will pass this along to the team!

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Please brother. Ive gotten a lot of people who would love this idea and ive heard from many big streamers including Shroud, Xaryu and notted saying this would only bring more players to the game.

I was thinking something similar just yesterday, but more tailored towards a PvP-only world boss area, where players would be forced to be flagged within this area to compete for cool (BIS) monster or boss drops. Perhaps the entrance could be a large dropdown area similar to Scorpio’s cave (but a larger space) and require time to open a door from the exit only (cannot enter through the exit), this way players cannot simply run out of this area while a fight could take place, making it riskier to be within this area. Ideally these drops would be Bind on Pickup to discourage large groups from camping this area (preventing other players from farming the drops), but perhaps fast travel (recall) could still be allowed with the 10s activation that is cancellable.

If you’ve ever played ESO, there exists an entire region solely for PvP content which seems far greater than the open world PvP system in New World, as it is rather unlikely to encounter another PvP player at a time you would wish to fight (varies between servers ofc).

Adding ‘mining routes’ and other valuable resources within this area would give players a reason to return for more than just combat, but going too far with these concepts to draw players in would be a negative, an area like this should not be beneficial to camp with 15+ players for hours on end.

This would not require a new region to implement, simply changing an existing region by say adding a large crater into the map in a rather unused zone would go a long way.

Also having warnings similar to Runescape’s Wilderness would be really nice for players who have never seen an area like this, to warn them PvP would be enabled before they enter. (Not sure the best way to communicate this though)

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