PVP/OPR No longer fun with the amount of pure unadulterated JANK in the game

Reap doesn’t work 50% of the time for no reason. Enemies can walk out of my gravity well for some reason. I swap weapon and it shows I have one weapon equipped even though i’m attacking with the other weapon that’s not highlighted. Having to spam one key for 5+ secs to drink a potion or eat a food in a fight is stupid. All animations are janky and broken, arrows hit me before bow user even has his bow out. I get hit with javelin throw before the spear even leaves the enemy’s hand. I get rooted by ice 3 secs before it even appears on my screen, i get hit and take damage through my iframes constantly yet other players dodge all of my abilities without rolling once on my screen.

I can’t rely on anything in my kit to work and can’t trust the game, so what is the point?

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