QoL Change for Recipes

Hello, currently as far as I know when you get recipes and salvage them, these get added to your recipe index. However, if you already own this recipe and salvage it you basically wasted a recipe you could have sold or given to a friend / guild member.

Please change it so if you try and salvage a recipe you already own it will prevent you from destroying the recipe and give a system message saying “Unable to salvage, recipe already learned” or something like that. You could also add it on the to recipe itself when you use the tool tips.


Totally agree with this

Things like this should have more traction.

or simply like all others do it a line in tool tip learned or unlearned lol

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Worst here, I salvaged my recipe, an stone oven to furnishing, it went to inventory, cause I wanna upgrade my furniture skills, and I made the first oven, and thats it, the recipe disappeared… no more stone ovens .

This is one bug I might be able to help with. The stone oven is one of the crafts, like upgraded trophies, that won’t even appear unless you have their rare component already.

I think it’s some kind of ember stone or something, but buy another one of those and it’ll show up.

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