QoL changes for the econonmy, crafters and looters

I had heard that previously, players could get resources from salvaging items picked up in the field.
Since that tends to only be a useful function for crafters who want to get materials, I thought about a different function players could get from salvaging.

Weapon Shards

Armor Shards

Crafting Mods

Now as for the functionality of the shards, The would be used for upgrading pieces of armor up to your current expertise level.

Different quality of items salvaged would grant different quality of shards. (EG. Legendary Weapon shards from Legendary weapons Salvaged)

This would reward looters and crafters a way to boost their favorite piece of gear up to the Gear Score of their expertise and allow for a different path to players to scale their gear after expertise.

Crafting mods could also be attainable on chance from salvaging a piece of gear that has the crafting mod on it, this would give players another path to obtain crafting mods.

I realize this is a bit of an ask, but I think it would go a long way to help with the current item bloat on the markets, help lower level players catch up in Gear Score and maintain their gear level going forward to make them continually viable.

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