QoL changes from a long time MMO player

been playing mmorpg’s since about 2005 and here are some quality of life features than I think could really really help this game not only maintain current players but attract future ones as well.

bare with me this list may be long.

-Company storage, put a storage shed in each town or allow company housing where that storage shed can hold 100k lbs. (1000lbs x 100 company members). Right my friends and I are funneling thousands of materials to one friend who is upgrading his Furnishing and it would be so much better if he can just grab materials from one spot.

-Inventory management. Lower the weight of refining materials…With how many materials we need to level professions this weight needs to come down.

-remove the weight of quest items

add an armory where we can switch sets in and out easily. Since there is no specific spec and spec’s are based off of weapons and gear we need to be able to switch sets on the fly. Sometimes I feel like tanking or melee dps’ing or ranged dps’ing or doing zerg runs with luck gear and having to carry all that gear around and manually put those pieces on gets…frustrating which brings me to my next point

add dual or triple specialization. Meaning we can respec without having to pay coins every time we need to change attributes. allow us to have 2-3 specializations.

+crafting and +gathering gear should be learned instead of having to carry it around. For example, say we get a harvesting luck set once we acquire the full set we should just learn it and it’s part of our character stats. There are far to many sets in this game taking up precious inventory space.

add a filter per category in your inventory instead of just globally and add a filter to put like itemed gear together for example once we hit the filter swords will be next to swords, feet next to feet etc…

I honestly think this is not too bad at the moment it’s easy enough to get azoth the only thing I recommend is perhaps up the cap to 2000 BUT if you’re going to change the weight of items to weigh less then 1000 should be just fine.

so I understand why this is necessary for PvP but it is completely unnecessary for PvE. Remove collision for PvE content…there’s nothing more frustrating when 20 or more people are attacking a world named boss and lose out on credit because they’re melee and get pushed back constantly.

-better target acquisition. The over all targeting of the game feels very clunky (especially for healers) and needs to be addressed.

-add vendors to sell items for more than their salvaged value. I don’t think I’ve ever played an mmo where you can’t sell your “junk” items to in order to make a little extra coins. Sometimes it’s more profitable than putting it up on the trading post.

-add name plates to party members.

  • ability to lower other friendly spell effects and highlight only your own. This will be highly beneficial for zerg runs, OPR, War’s and invasions.

-Ability to change your skins based on what gear you’ve picked up. I should be able to change my helm skin to any helm that has dropped for me.

-More character customizations. Add a barber shop where we can change our hair styles and colors as well as other character customizations

-Make store bought cosmetics really stand out. Right now they are pretty underwhelming

-Being able to look at your inventory while running. Why do we suddenly stop it’s ridiculous

-Swimming…for the love of God find a way

-More housing. allow us to buy more houses than just 3

-mini map with filter options. Shouldn’t have to download 3rd party addons even if it does comply with ToS

-incentive to level alt’s

-an in-game cloack/calendar

-lower or drastically lower the materials for tuning orbs and arena keys. I’ve always raided or done dungeons to up my gear. Having to run zerg to watermark (now expertise) is very absurd. We need to be able to do end game dungeons a lot easier than what is currently available.

-bags are useless once we’ve upgraded…Please let us add bags to our storage shed to add more weight. I have 3 t4 bags that are just taking up space (for now)

-a mailing system where we can send items/gear etc to friends and company members

-mounts (which have been hinted)

-farms(also been hinted)

-more crosshair options and colors

-zoom out more and zoom in all the way to first person view

-weapon effects perhaps in the form of cosmetics

-dye’s are learned once obtained and can be used indefinitely

-dual wielding (I believe this has been hinted at)

-in depth character stats. Should be able to see luck amount, crit chance/damage, buffs to abilities etc…

-this can be a future thing perhaps if they extend the level cap to 70 but a 4th ability might be interesting.

-ability to carry more ammo in the ammo slots

-when using the filter at the storage shed to see what items you have at other storages a checkmark should indicate that that storage has the item in question. For example say you’re currently at the storage shed in First Light and you wanna see all storages that have Star Metal Ore. Then you’d type star metal ore in the search and in the drop down list of towns a check mark would indicate that other towns has star metal.

-crafting mods, I have hundreds of them spread out everywhere…please lower the weight or do something with these.

this is all I can think of for now but will edit this list when I can think of more…

Nice list to be honest agree with some and I don’t agree with others.

  • Company storage would be nice but circumvents the current storage system especially if everyone has access. Maybe if everyone puts in but only high ranking members can take out.
  • Agreed half my storage is refining mats
  • again agree seems silly tbh
  • Yes but would have to be locked or something when in pvp so people can’t just switch between builds.
  • Not needed, it costs next to nothing to respec.
  • no point in the armoury thing you suggested if you have this. Also don’t like it collecting sets is cool especially if you have to find ones.
  • meh could be nice but also don’t see the point
  • travel is ok. Azoth is easy to get so don’t really see the point in changing it rn
  • no collision when weapon is sheathed. and yes its annoying but would be hard to implement i believe.
  • Yeah this is only for healers. Nothing else yeally uses target aquisition like them.
  • This is a no from me. Would throw the economy into complete disarray.
  • not sure what you mean, party members have nameplates already no? Yes this would reduce lag somewhat but you also have to be able to see the effects in pvp. like healing circles etc.
  • I need transmog asap ty ags.
  • Barber shop type thing will come.
  • I think they should have the really good shit as endgame gear for dungeons etc. then have store cosmetics cause microtransactions feel bad.
  • I believe they stated that its on its way somewhere.
  • I believe as of right now no swimming is intentional so people can’t go in the ocean. just ags being lazy with people trying to get out the map etc.
  • Hmm would be nice but then it wouldn’t be hard to get more than 3 and fast travel costs would cost nothing. As more zones get released they will up it for sure.
  • No mini map UI already cluttered as is.
  • I don’t see the point in alts for this game as you can switch to whatever you want whenever. Usually alts are for when character is locked to a class you aren’t in this game which is nice.
  • would be nice but no necessary.
  • Nah not to difficult to make tbh
  • eh not to bothered could be nice though.
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