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Hello Everyone,

I will just list my suggestions.(In the Long Run)

  • Rename Feather to Feathers and change the Icon to a pile of Feathers.
    (Why? Simple currently 1 - Feather = 0.1 Kg ≠ Logic but a pile of them = Logic)

This could be implied to other Items as well.

  • Hatchet Visual and Animation: Change it so the Player Holds 2 Hatchets (The Game Logo itself shows 2) the Fight style looks like a 2Handed Fight dmg does not need to change.
    Just the Animation and Visuals (Remember QOL in the Long run there is no need to rush)

  • Quivers - Make Skins or even a seperate Item to Craft (no Luck Perk Defense or stuff like this maybe a Capacity Perk or Element Perk Weight Perk stuff like this.
    (Why? Easy the Optic is fine in Low level but needs update in Late Game)

  • Transmog: a Loot and Get Transmog will destroy the Store but you can Create a Store Item “Transmog Converter” (Bind on Pickup)you buy it for like 10.000 Store Currency. With that Item you will be able to Transmog 5Items Total (one for each slot)

There you could deside if the Transmog will be a Salable “Recipe” (to push Economy) or just a add in you Skin Library.
(Possible Millions of Profit because the Whales will Buy it a ton)

  • Fix Furniture Icons and Preview Windows and Displayed Name to the actual Item.

  • when you Increase the Skill Cap from 200 to 300 give the ability to add a second Crafting Mod (obviously only one for Attributes and one for perk)

  • Add a Store Item: “Scroll of Negotiation” - This Item will make you choose the Cards again from one territory - Price: 8.000

  • Add Housing Quest- Quest to Inprove your House for example a good Chest after a long Questline.

  • Add Interactive Furniture like Plants, Ores, (max one of a kind in a House (with Garden) to havest with a 12H Cooldown (Could be Quest Rewards)

  • Add a Store Item: “Scroll of Appearance” - so we can Buy it and change the Look of our Character (Gender could be a separate Scroll)
    (More Money for AGS and satisfied Players)
    Should be around 5.000-8.000

  • Add a Option to Paint our outside and Inside of our Houses. Could be a NPC where you select your House and then the color (maybe you need the specific Paint as required Item so the Paints have a third use in the Game(Skin, Crafting, Painting)

  • Add Furniture Recipes for Paintings (Multiple Paints, Linen, Wood(or Gold depending of the frame)

  • Add more loot to the Fishing Pool like a Crate (filed with different kindes of Recources (Rawhide, Linen, Silk, Wood, Ammunition and Potions) but only on the coast (Our Ships had Supplies :wink: )

  • Add Foot as Decorative Items for Housing

  • Add Drinks to Cooking (or alchemy in total)

  • Big Meals should be Placebale in the wild so 2-5 People can eat the Dish. Not all just the big meals (or new ones) they should not be the big buff foods in my opinion but could increas Player Interactions.(despawn Time 2min should be fine and a max of one like the tent to place.

  • Dyable Skins (from xtin)- Edit the Dye Menu with a new tab where it shows aktive Skin were you will be able to dye it(not bind to the skin itself but the Slot(so you get no error when removing the skin and applying it again.

  • Wardrobe/Armor Sets (from xtin): Let us save sets of Clothes so we can quicker swap them and dont need to look throught 20 different Sets
    My suggestions would be Armorstands as Furniture where you can plays a set of armor on (like in witcher) you can then walk up to it and open the “inventory” or swap the Clothes direct.

  • Ammunition (from xtin): Increase the stack size of Arrows and Bullets in the equipped Slot (could be combind with quivers)

  • LFG (from xtin): A extra Chat channel or a Groupfinder of some kind. So it will be easyer for all Players to get a Group together

  • Mounts (from xtin): when the Map gets bigger we need a better way to get around (the Streetbuff is the first step in that direction) but it need to be polished(long PTR Phase) so Open World PVP (Mountet Combat for example) will be considerd

  • Traveling: How about Boats? I don’t mean Boats for the Player itself but an NPC on the Coast with a Pier who offers traveling to other shores but instead of Atzoh he takes Coins(as additional method)

Greetings Sarvis
(Everyone who is reading this and agrees please Bump it so the CM sees it so it can get a bit of Attention)

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Added another Point.

If you have good Points post it Here and i will eventually add them in the mainpost (with credit)

Right off the top feathers need to weigh less than they currently do.
It might be time for someone to sent a box of feathers to AGS with a note “weigh these”…

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  1. Make a wardrobe / whatever set of armor /weps saving stuff . Currently having to find and click all the mining / harvesting / lumberjack / woodworking etc types of gear to put them mannually on is annoying af.

  2. Make ammunition weight less or make it to like 5000 limit when equipped…(also fix the bug where u stiill keep taking arrows from ppl in OPR while it says it doesnt )

  3. Some kind of LFG tool for ppl to list their grps and what they are looking for and for which activity…the spam in general is just to annoying for both ppl having to read it and ppl having to spam it

  4. Allow to dye store skins

  5. Mounts with release of the new zones later , make it a decent system not just speed increase ( with open world pvp in mind , prolly disable them in wars etc, think it throu )

I added the Points of xtin to the list (and added Informations how they could do it)

Greetings Sarvis

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