QoL Feedback Unbind 625 Gear Option

A much needed QoL change in New World that we really need is to be able to unbind a piece of gear that we have equipped and upgraded to 625.

This is the scenario I keep finding myself running into: I have a BiS piece that I have upgraded to 625, but a new patch adds new perks and now I want to change that piece. I don’t want to Salvage the old piece, because it is good and I invested a lot of shards into it, but also it is bound to me so I cannot give to it a friend or sell it.

Currently I have a Hand piece with:
Resilent + Refresing Evasion + Putrefying Scream @ 625.

I want to upgrade this to with a new perk (Empowering Breaker) since the last patch:

Resilent + Empowering Breaker + Putrefying Scream

That old piece is not bad, and I refuse to salvage it. But it is near useless to me, as I am not using the new piece.

My suggestion:

Add a system that allows you to unbind an unequipped 625 item, reducing it back to 600 GS and making it Bind on Equip again. That way to can give to to a friend, sell it, or train someone new with it. Passing on your legacy (a pseudo-heirloom system), as you upgrade to new and better piece.

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