QoL Update: prohibit moving items to the groud if Locked or Legendary

Hi, i want to start this post with an appreciation: AGS actually recovered me an item today that i had accidentally dropped to the ground while scrapping items after a m10.
I didn’t notice at the beginning that i dropped the item. A few hours later, i noticed that a piece of my armor was missing from my build. I reached out AGS and they gave me the item back after 7d.

Now, why don’t we just make sure no one will ever be as reta**ed as me to drop to the groud the item and avoid it completely?

What about removing the possibility to drop into the ground completely:

  • Items that are LOCKED
  • Legendary Items (or at least give an hint as it happens when you scrap them)

What do you guys think?
I know it might be a “me issue”, but i noticed i tend a lot to scrap while moving during dungeons and speedruns and sometime it happens to drop valuable items too.
This time i wasn’t aware enough to have dropped a BiS Item (Shadewalkers Dex Boots - Light - Resilient + Sh. Fortification + Freedom) but AGS gave it back to me (thanks god).

As you can see, unfortuantely, as of right now, you can - if done rushing - drop to the ground with “CRTL + Scrap botton”, even if the action is “Scrap the item”. The system probabily doesn’t full recognise the input and leave to the ground the item:

So, shall we try to have this issue sorted for everyone once for all?

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Really hard to argue with this request as far as locked gear is concerned. I agree, ‘locked’ should mean locked…for everything. No salvaging, no trading, no selling, and no dropping.

Legendaries? Well, locking them would be a good start if locking is changed to prevent drops.

especially considering there is loading issues around the storage. at times it shows open but its not and ends up dropping things. Its an odd server-reponse lag/bug.

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