Quality of life change to weaponbinds

Since weapon swapping has been an issue and is likely to be an ongoing issue. Let us have separate binds for weapon 1 and 2. This way you will not inadvertently use the wrong ability to catastrophic effect when your weapon doesn’t swap.

This would be optional of course and the default binds could be the same. Just add an interface option in keybinds for Weapon 1 and Weapon 2 abilities.

Dev update: THEY WILL NOT DO INSTANT CANCELS FOR THEIR SWAPS. So you will have to wait for the swap but it will be queued up correctly now.

With this double-down on the queue mechanic I feel the need to bump. Bump.

Please give us the option to have separate binds for abilities on weapon 1 and 2. It would completely eliminate the devastating and infuriating moment where you use the incorrect ability that completely fucks you because your weapon did not switch as you assumed it would. Just give us the option.

I’d like to be able to set 2 separate keybind for the same thing.

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