Quality of Life Features

New World is missing so many player quality of life features. The following features would make the game more enjoyable for most players.

  1. Equipment Repair Vendor that repairs all your gear in your bags for gold only.
  2. Trader Vendor to sell any unwanted items to for gold only.
  3. Repair All Button actually repairs everything in your inventory, instead of just equipped gear.
  4. Auction House default set to 1 day instead of 14 days.
  5. The ability to turn off company and faction logos, and use faction color only text.
  6. The ability to turn off ALL notifications as we see fit.
  7. Mounts are actually needed. Frankly, a lot of us are tired of running all over the map to save Azoth. Mounts don’t need to be complicated. Just make them 15% faster than normal speed and only able to be used in PVE.
  8. Swimming…
  9. The ability to craft basic resources such as flux, sandpaper, etc instead of looting boxes.
  10. In-game character appearance change shop for gold only.

store to change character hairstyle would be neat


Couple things here, feel free to leave feedback/thoughts:

Can do mounts like RDR or Witcher where the horse will just auto travel the road and be like 15% faster. Definitely agree on PVE only, or damage knocks you off

Adding a company or party House option that charges higher property/maintenance taxes, but can give the whole company/party the trophy bonuses

Salvage all button after crafting - maybe even reduce the resources gained from salvaging if you do salvage all

Agree with all the other things on here though - would be nice

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I do not understand why people are hung up on swimming…
It’s a useless feature…
If you really want it, then it should be only possible, while you have less then 1 weight on you (inventory, armor, and every slot together)

A lot of the map is made nearly useless due to lack of swimming. Maybe I want to swim across the lake instead of going around. It’s a fantasy game, let people swim.


Yeah, with 50kg of heavy armor on you, doubling your weight, and a backpack full of iron ore…
It’s hard to even swim in normal clothes and in shoes, if you ever tried… Which weight almost nothing…
No, I feel that not having swimming is reasonable

If they implement swimming, then need to develop other ways to restrict players… I’m pretty sure people will try to swim out of the map just to see what’s there, and then start to complain that it just ends or something…

Like I said. It’s a fantasy game. Nothing about the game is remotely real or based on reality. If swimming were added why would they need to develop other ways to limit players? People already just walk through it looking retarded lol.

You’re making this a WAY bigger deal than it actually is IMO Hahaha.

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If it’s fantasy related, why do you need swimming? Who says in that world it’s even possible to swim or the characters can learn it? It’s a fantasy, so gods may delete that knowledge whenever you try or so…

Well, the Devs originally planned for player boats and naval combat as well from what I’ve heard. Which could be a thing in the future BTW. So I’m pretty sure they planned for swimming. Just saying. Anyways it’s a fantasy game, and you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

the cash shop had swimming emotes would be something

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Here’s what I want to see :smiley:

  1. When a player is near the azoth cap, display an on-screen icon or azoth display. This would prevent spamming the user every few seconds and taking up a good portion of the screen.
  2. A filter for the trading post to control which items are visible to interact with (i.e just what the player is carrying on them or their storage also). This would prevent players from scrolling through countless items to find what they are trying to find.
  3. The ability to multi-select items to salvage, or a bench to interact with that works like a scrapper.
  4. Company houses! I want to sit around a huge table by the fire with my friends! I want to display our accomplishments on the walls beside our banner! Hoozah!

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