Quality of Life game changes

Some ideas i had that i thing will provide a better game experience. Feel free to add more!

1- For mele atacks, would be great that your character only goes forward if you hold W + left click. Goes backwards if you hold S + left click etc. And stays in place if you just left click. Its quite hard to hit a target that is not moving, a lot of times i went to a cc target, at his back, and missed 2 of my 3 light atacks because of my char moving forward. Quite annoying, would be great to have control of that moves, dont you think?

2- Have some options to move camera angle and crosshair as you wish. You lose track of the distance around you quite easly now. Some examples;

this is now
this is how i would play!

3- Name of party members in yellow, or any other way to help seeing them, the little colored diamond feels like nothing.

4- Damage you do to enemys appears on his head, above his name. Sometimes i find difficult to see when 10 meles are hitting the same targer

If 5 meles where on that wolf, my dmage numbers would be difficult to see. If they appeared on top instead…


Good suggestions.

About the melee damage numbers, I found turning off the floating toggle in the options helps a bith those. Still not ideal.

I definitely agree with your suggestions (in particular 1 and 2 and 3).

another idea would be to let us mark charectors on our on side, e.g. war leader, healers etc, that so we could always see teh shot callers, healers etc.
I wouldnt allow opposite team marking as that would become to easy to pinpoint oppositions healers etc once marked.

1-2-3 yes please!
Point 3 is super needed when you cast an aoe spell… As a mage sometimes happened to cast them in a weird area cuz i cant see terrain etc…

Exactly! You can not see your own area! And if the enemy is above you because of terrain? Even harder, we need better vision. Any other suggestions?

This is why i switch from Light gear to Heavy gear, now i go directly in Fight and Place the AOE/Healing spell on my own, and then I go Back in Defense line. Stupid i know,but it Works.

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