Quality of Life Minor Changes

There are a few things that New World currently does not have that are pretty common staples in the world of MMOs that would be some very solid quality of life changes. I’ll do the list at the top, and go into detail below for the people who prefer the tl;dr version of things.

QoL Changes
-1. Company Donation Records
-2. Company Vault
-3. Expedition Trading

Other Player’s Ideas Relisted
-4. PvP Camps & PvP Flagged Binding Exclusively to them.

  1. Company Donation Records
    -Getting a screen to view withdraws and donations to the company vault will go a LONG way for seeing contributors and leaches in a setting of 100 people. Not everyone is a vocal player and they like to quietly contribute. This is a great way to show those folks praise and recognize and appreciate them, while also allowing people to see who is possibly just using the company for selfish benefits instead of attempting to grow as a group.

  2. Company Vault
    -Companies should have a vault to store more than just gold. Even if the vault can only hold consumables & ammunition and not gear, this would be massive in terms of company coordination and cooperation for running things like expeditions and pvp related plans & events. Have a tank who can tank for your expedition but they don’t have any pots and you’re low yourself? Company vault. Need to gear up for war and get everyone easily stated with food? Company vault. Going on a journey for those rare drops but never did cooking or alchemy? Company vault and grab those luck foods/potions to go with your luck gear. This would be a great way to bring more value to working with your company instead of just being present for the rewards. It also isn’t an over reach in terms of gear if that is what you are afraid of happening since people wouldn’t be able to deposit gear items, or bags.

  3. Expedition Trading
    -We need to be able to trade in expeditions. As people hit new threshholds and take on harder expeditions they are bound to fail, wipe, and burn through resources. Not being able to trade someone health pots because we are in an expedition really is a nightmare and forces people to have to leave the expedition to go get more and then rejoin it making everyone have to wait for that process and whoever opened the expedition doesn’t even have that luxury. On top of this if we could trade bind on pick up items to others inside the expedition run to each other before we leave this would be a monstrous benefit to working as a team. Eventually people will have exactly what they want from the expeditions and have zero reason to do them again aside from being a body to run it. Giving those players a way to further help their friends is another incentive to them spending their time gaining nothing for themselves. Keep the named drops exclusive if you want to, but there is no reason i shouldn’t be able to trade a random expedition musket that got solid random generated stats to my musket user when I use the great axe and ice gauntlet and will just dismantle it.

  4. PvP Camps & PvP Flagged Binding Exclusively to them.
    -@ KombatK0ala had this wonderful idea and it deserves to be relisted. When you PvP flag your camps should be able to be destroyed by PvP flagged members of another faction. You also should only be able to bind to camps that belong to other PvP flagged members of your faction. This will do a lot for open world pvp in terms of setting up ambushes, defending forts, stopping gank squads camping an area or at least punishing them temporarily and sending them back to a town. It adds a search and destroy tactic to the open world PvP to actually bring a defensive option for defending groups and a resource to be mindful of when aggressively doing open world acts in enemy territory. It’s a layer of depth that would be rewarding.


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