Quality of Life Suggestions 69

I’m sure some of these have been touched on elsewhere.

Salvaging crap gear is a tedious time wasting task. Please include a “salvage all unlocked” or a toggle in settings to remove the confirm.

Fix the gathering issue where sometimes you need to change your position until you find the right spot a node can be gathered. Irritating when you start gathering and you “slide off” and it stops.

Crafting needs a “craft all” on some item categories. Arcana, I want to make all motes up to quints but I have to click each type in each category individually. It’s unnecessarily tedious.

Put an “All” button on crafting and TP. Slider is fairly useless with a number box to input.

The game needs to better remember what I did last. Examples:
TP needs to remember the last duration of a posting, stop going back to 14 days or default to 1.
Remember where I was in a list of crafting items or selling items. Too many times it goes back to the first item and I have to scroll through them all again or I accidentally craft a wooden sword…
Remember bag sorting options between logging.
(I mean seriously, if Amazon can remember what garden hose I looked at 4 months ago and keep suggesting it, why can’t this stuff be remembered in a game)

The chat window is terrible. Allow for multiples, more than 5 lines displayed and fix the issue when it stops working and only shows 2. Frustrating when I post in a channel then have to go back to feed to see other chat stuff.

Lower requirements for “participating”. Too many times I an helping kill and don’t get credit.

With all the “hidden” timers, we need a menu to see when we can do them again or reset timers timers at a certain time each day. People have flexible schedules in life and play different times of day.

Greatly reduce (or remove) the transfer fee for the storage towns I can transfer to. Storage is far too small to be able to craft in a faction town I want to support.
There are too many craft mods and no way to know what they work on (weapon, apparel, etc) It would be nice to know which craft mods I won’t use because I’ll never spend the hundreds of thousands of coins it takes to try crafting “real usable gear”.
Show the high, low and average TP price in the tooltips for items so we can throw away those 600 valueless yeast and save storage space.

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