Quality of life update needed

I like content as much as anyone. But I also want to enjoy it. I wish the devs would take some time and go back and fix all the little bugs on the game that tick away at all the players who currently play or have just recently left.

Examples: company message board, image bug in inventory, chat breaking every time we go in to opr, weapon swap bug, chest glitches, the multiple movement bugs, ect.

I am sure alot of people could add to the list of small bugs that have been in the game since the start that should have already been fixed. But ignored due to trying to cram more content in to the game.

Like others, it’s getting hard to justify staying in a game that can’t fix the small bugs.

Please devs, do a quality of life update, enough content patches for awhile.


I support this :100:

Please fix the game.

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