Quality of queuing

I’m not against waiting, but getting kicked out of the queue three times for an “error” in the queue is starting to be boring.
I mean. I can Wait. I will wait. I know I will be waiting. Especially the day after the game is released. That’s the game. Especially with MMORPGs.
But Three time being kicked of the line… for an error ?
Thank you Amazon. Can i have compensation ? Three woods, a little meal to regenerate in my inventory or something ?
Just for the f***ing bugs in your queues ?


I was kicked too, already 4 times in an hour and a half … for 13.3 hours I stood in line for about 7 hours

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I sympathize so much.
So sorry for you.
Regards to amazon if you read us

I can only add to that, if dev’s can’t afford to scale up the servers on Amazon AWS, maybe they could look at Microsoft Azure platform or Google cloud?
Second day is worse than first because some new people bought the game, those who “overslept” preload, finished installing the game. And yea, bugs are still there and glitches, and performance degradation over time you play (mem leak or whatever it is).
And now this… The only fair solution would be to have “inactivity time” as long as one had queueing time.

I feel sorry for us.

What I don’t understand is why people are still trying to get on servers with long ques when there are plenty of servers/worlds right now with low or now ques available. Your choice, don’t complain.

So if i played w my friends on X server and reached level 20 at launch, and now ur solution is to create another char on another server? and i dont play on “streamers” server, and the queue now is 4-5K.

Huumm… Thank you but no thank you ?
I started my first character on that server and you tell me " Well, F**k off my character, let’s start another one" ?
Why me ? Let’s go for a random delete of characters on servers to make room for other people ! Oh no… Did it fell on you ? “Just” say good bye to YOUR character.

Until the population issues are fixed, yes. Your lvl 20 character will still be there. It’s not the end of the world.

Every single EU server is FULL, with a HUGE queue as of 6pm UK time, just what is your proposal to those players working during the day and coming back and having no chance of getting in to the game?

I’m tired of this “don’t pick a popular server”… THEY ARE ALL POPULAR AND FULL.

AGS needs to do better than this,

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If you go to a gourmet restaurant that has just opened and they bring you a minced steak and fries instead of the lobster you ordered because “there is no more in stock”. Do you really think you’re going to smile back “ok, I’ll still pay the price this time, but I’ll come back and I really hope you get some lobster next time”?

What the F are you on about though? There literally isnt any low pop EU servers at the moment. The lowest as of this exact moment has around 3000 people waiting to join. At this point most people dont care what server theyre going to play on, they just want to play.

The only option is to queue as number 3000 as the LOWEST queue at ANY given EU server atm.

Not our choice. Shut it.

No one said to delete your fist character. Just make a 2nd. The first one will still be there when the population is stabilized.

I was talking about NA servers. I know EU server are ridiculous right now. So, relax.

NA servers are half empty, lol

Kicked several times with increased queue time. Paying for a product and getting nothing in return is just wrong. I DEMAND 3 WOOD AND 5 FISHES FOR THIS!!!


I was talking about NA servers. I know EU server are ridiculous right now.

That isn’t even close to the same scenario.

Can we just have the possibility to wait for hours without rendering scene in background having our GPUs loaded?!

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