Que problem, transfer needed

I get if servers are full and you need to wait, but how can i wait 4 hours in que, get to pos 10 then kicked and where it get me to que again i get worst pos when i started. Its like spitting in people face.

I think you can solve this 2 way, instant refund for people or instant transfer. Choice is your but do something fast please.

I will be glad if someone from support actually respond to this because i can see you are actively responding on twitter to encouragement post but not to real issue and its really really the worst que i ever saw, it showing you low numbers like 40-100 but you will never get through it

Queue Position 2331 09:29

Queue Position 2113 10:29

Queue Position 1964 11:05

just saying…

Given how long i need to wait it may be 11 hours plus… and since it has been three days and Amazon have failed to resolve it i guess ill need to wait it out funny thing is AFKERS / Macro users / BOTS were in the game imagine if they kicked all them maybe queues would not be so bad

i waited on que for 4hours to get to this point

ty amazon such a great experience

Exact same thing happened to me 9 minutes ago mate :frowning: now im at position 3824… as it closed the client itself

I don’t get why they did not add character transfer already, like they already get money from us and amazon is one of the biggest data center so i think they have server allocation

to be honest I dont want a server transfer they just need to increase Cap limit and assign more login servers to allow people to not wait more than 20-30 minutes to login surely this would of been thought of during there 3 year planning / building of the game … ? its 2021 and thinking of login queue’s baffles me :S

Increasing cap limit would be good, but it is a complex task, well, more complex than allowing server transfers. Reasonable approach would be to allow transfers as soon as possible (they already said transfers are free for next 2 weeks, too bad there is no way to do so) and than, when ready, increase population cap per server

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