Ques, the tile must be 15 char

ok we left a small server to go to a server that had about 60% pop (which is about 40 % more then my old one) no ques, Great. Now there is a 400 person que on my server would of been nice for you guys to lock transfers in to stop this from happening. A new round of free transfer tokens might be needed (or expand the server cap)

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sooooooooooo…any response the ques are getting stupid again. bueller bueller bueller

They will need to do server merges before anything else. They said they are working on it just want to ensure how everything with work.


not much you can do about a que when you’re joining a full server

server was not 60% full when we joined went from no que to a 500 que on friday

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find another server? you’re obviously getting put into a que because there is too many people on the server.

read the post, and your only AWOLLED 1 TRANSFER,

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okay you left a small server

now you’re saying lock transfers…

So you’re saying stop people from leaving a small server… like you did.

Mate just accept that you moved to a over pop server and move on.

i moved to a med pop server last week its now over pop when did i say to lock transfers out of low pop ones just in to full ones, you know like Valhalla (you can transfer there you know). when a server reaches a certain pop they should stop all incoming transfers to stop the 500+ que from happening. god now i remember why i hate forums.

that sounds horrible, why would you stop transfers. people come and go all the time, so stopping transfers to a server would be it’s biggest killer

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