Quest Acquired Equipment

Hello everyone, hopefully also some dev/community managers.

I’ve put in a couple of hundred hours (nearly 400) into new world, and this is a fantastic game. All the haters play too much for their own good.

I have done pretty much all the available content, aside from Genesis, and so far everything is great. You guys have done an excellent job. I do have one request however;

Can quest acquired equipment become purchaseable from a city vendor once the quest is complete.

Throughtout my journies as a newbie, I did not realize that the Weaver’s Knot was going to be BiS luck ring. I didn’t know that the Dark Phoenix was going to be the only shield with Crit % Chance. Just to name two items that make me quite upset with myself. I’ve salvaged them, once I got upgrades, not realizing that I would never be able to find comparable items again. It makes me sad.

That’s it. That’s my request/feedback. Otherwise, and even if this fix doesn’t happen, great job! I know I’ll put in at least another lifetime of hours

There is no solution for us that salvaged “crappy” quest gear not knowing we would need it later on. We got these quests before bags were really available or affordable and we were all juggling our inventory spaces to play the game.

Yes, this is why I am asking for a solution :slight_smile:

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