Quest: Gren's Place Specimen Hunt

So with this, a group quest to kill a level 35 elite Bear, this is a syndicate quest I believe, and is really hard to complete as a solo. but it’s an elite quest so makes sense but that’s not the problem. the issue is you have a quest given to a group of people that once killed you have to skin it,

One more time simpler, Group quest to skin a mob with only one drop per kill… for…a… group…

FIx: Just have an item drop corresponding to the quest “Gren’s place specimen hunt” ok cool let us go with this, you get a large heart or large foot or SOMETHING other than skinning this guy.

This bear also 2 shots of any 33ish player with a life pool of a god. I have seen it kill level 60’s and have other 60’s take forever to kill it.

This mob is way overturned. Finding groups with lower levels, it’s getting very hard, and a quest like this is not fun to deal with.

very few people are out and questing after the TP got shut down I have seen more people around but it seems like people just use the board and TP to level < just a side note

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