Quest : " Maw of corruption " defeat Mozrul the Herald for a Heart of the Maw

Yep same on Inferni server .

Yep, still broken.

Still broken! Boss does not spawn. Waited 45mins after I assumed he had been killed previously. :frowning:

Broken on Phlegethon. MOBs tether is too short and he rubberbands and resets constantly. Almost impossible to do with the size party intended.

It’s been 22 days, can you fix it already? This game looks like a very bad beta from an indie company

Boss is still bugged. Can we get a fix like yesterday please, ffs

Actually just managed to kill it despite the bug. However, it does not give any drops or quest rewards. Been broken for 1 month apparently. I Guess it is impossible to get that 580 sword, ty for wasting 4-5 hours on it.

Tried to kill it for 1 hour now with a 5 man. Boss constantly resets even if he is right on top of his spawn, for no reason at all. Killing the tentacle first also instantly despawns mozrul.


I finished the 580 GS sword line and defeated mozrul. It’s hard because he resets but not impossible. Got all the drops and finished the quest when I did. Use heavy attacks to break his stamina and then burn him down with two groups when he kneels.

Killed him easy with a group of 4.


  • The tank just stands on the Ore and aggro the boss, and he won’t reset

Bugged! Please fix!!

Just hit this quest and yea I’m stuck on it too, he keeps resetting

Still bugged, he is resetting after 10-15 seconds

bugged every where…
but i will try this ore solution :slight_smile:

still broken wtf, wasted hours doing the quest line, to get kicked in the nuts, over what should be one of your questing highlights, you worked so hard to reach the grail only to have AGS say fuck you.

Same thing is happening on El Dorado on US West

Still Bugged Can we get some traction on this bug it should be toward the top of the list!!! A Main-ish quest for one of the main weapons sword cmon guys!

We found that if you kill him where he retreats to and stay on that spot, he wont retreat. A tank with threat does well here.

he’s still not dropping the quest item and it’s the day after thanksgiving. they’re never going to fix this.

I will be 600gs before i get my 580 gs sword