Quest named Smite: Amrine Temple

The quest is to kill Kisare the Taskmaster. He is not at the pin. I went to the top of the Amrine Temple and killed the mini-boss (Alastor The Slicer). There is a blue door (like the one in the main line quest the happened at Arctus). I can’t interact with the door. How do I get through the door to kill Kisare the Taskmaster (I am assuming he is back there)?

Name is Albronz on Themysciria

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Ive got the same problem. Hoping someone can help!

He is there right in the pin. Just need to wait for him to respawn. I got tricked because he used to be up top in alpha

Oh really? I mustve missed him a lot then. Thank you!

I’m on Buzhou server, been waiting 20 mins and still no spawn.

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