Quest Rewards Suggestion

Hello community!!
I have noticed that in some quests they give weapons or armor as rewards.
The problem I see with this is that depending on the role you play, this reward may not be useful, which is almost the same as not receiving anything.
So my idea would be the following:

  • If the reward is, for example, a sword, the player is offered a weapon chest with the same characteristics (GS, level, number of perks…) hat when opened we can select 1 type of weapon that best suits our role.

  • If the reward is a piece of armor, some boots, for example, there is a chest where you can select if you want light, medium or heavy boots.

In this way the reward I think would be more satisfying for all players.

I don’t know if this idea has already been discussed, but I would like to know your opinion.

Have a nice day!! :DD

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