Quest syncing when in a group

When my friend and I went to a new town together and accepted all 8 available quests there (town board, faction board, and some regular side quests), we only had one quest in common.
Do you think quests should be synced when in a group?
Thank you.

EDIT: did not include PvP quests in those 8. PvP quests were in sync, but only because there’s only three of them that we can repeat multiple times.


I agree with the thought. Group sync should be an option, I just don’t have a clue how to implement it!


Yea this would be really good. I hate that the only board quests i can consistently do with friends are the pvp ones.


so far the only issue i have found with the game is not being able to quest sync. constantly having to return to the last place you went so your friend can do what you just did and vice versa

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