Quest The Ritual Bugged?

i am on Nysa EU Central and also bugged. I get to part where i Seek out the ritual site within Amrine Temple, Pass through the Soulwarden Seal, Defeat the Heartforge Guardian. I then click on the place where it says complete ritual, it goes through some kind of graphic where i dissapear and some thing happens, but then nothing, no progress. It still has the marker above the same spot saying complete the ritual

I restarted the ritual and killed the guardian 4 times before I got the prompt to talk to Yonas.

After googling around I’ve found the cause of the issue, if you move once the animation is over it’ll stop the quest from completing.

So for anyone else having an issue with this quest like we’ve had, just wait til it completes before you move your character - it should take 10-15 seconds in total and do not move as soon as the animation is over like we’ve all done, several dozen times. :stuck_out_tongue: