Questing, Hatchet buff

So i have 2 points of intress.

  1. PvP quests.
    as we all know in order to put a region into conflict we need to do pvp quests and that okay but what is annoying that these three quest that you take are all the time in the same spot, and its a problem. Let me explain. Recently i wanted to do some pvp quest, all good am high lvl plebs shouldt be a problem, untill i got to the markers where enemy faction was just camping it wich makes it impossible since you cant do a 1v10. So solution make spreed them out make it random in order to avoid groups of people to just camp on quest markers.

  2. So hatchet
    Am using hatchet since i enjoy the mechanics of it, and i would like to propouse a small buff to berserker skill. Atm it makes you faster, you cant stagger and it removes cc upon active.
    its all okay untill you get into pvp aspect where it just becomes ds. because so what you remove cc from one bloke when another will just stun you whit his ice glove.
    So my idea give berserker small speed boost and cc imunity you deal sh*t dmg anyway compered to other weapons. Its just better design since you taunt enemies when you have a gem, and this will allow berserker for more rewarding gameplay as a agro-tank.

thats it see ya.

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