Questing in this game is easily the biggest deterrent to keep players playing

I’m a new player and saw the dev video on how they are taking feedback and said the forums are the best way to do it. So here is a new player’s perspective.

I want to like this game, I really do but it feels like the game fights with me trying to like it. I have been playing MMOs for over 10 years and New World without a doubt has the worst questing system I’ve ever seen. My 6 friends stopped playing around 10 hours in because the quests were so boring. I can break it down as to why:

  1. All quests have an insane running distance. Most quests require me to walk 5-10 minutes to complete a very basic quest such as kill x or loot x chests. They are simply too far away.
  2. The quests are way too basic. 3 hours in and I have done all the variety of quests. Its like a mold of 4 quests that are on par with vanilla wow in their simplicity. It has the dialogue system in place to allow for good storytelling and unique quests, yet they are all so basic. Unacceptable for a triple A game in 2021.
  3. The main story tells you nothing of the world. I wanted to dig into the world, in its lore and history, yet all quests are so vague about the world I’m wondering if there is even any depth to the narrative. Dialogue doesn’t even allow you to ask additional questions.
  4. The quests don’t scale to your level. The main story will go from recommended level 9, to 15, to 12, and then to 17. What?? Why is this even like this? Just go from a linear level and calculate xp given from the previous quests. Do the game want me to level from the main story and some side quests? Or does it want me to just grind board quests that are all the same thing? Between the boring main story/ side quests, and the insane walking distance, a second monitor is almost required so you aren’t bored to death playing.
  5. The main story is meant to get the player invested into the world, show them the basics, lead them to dungeons, introduce the characters and factions, lead them to different places in the world to want them to explore etc. It does NONE of this. The main story is incredibly bland and looks like it was thrown together on an already completed map in the last 6 months before release. I can tell the main story was not a foundational component of the game.

I am very frustrated with the state of the game, this is in maybe an alpha 2 stage, nowhere near ready for release.
P.S- Where is the transmog/outfitting system?

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Main story / side does intro for main features, like factions, housing, expeditions (dungeons), etc.

But ya story is bland, characters are uninteresting, everything is a copy paste in the world.

I agree. One thing that I think they need more of is cut scenes. I like some of them in the main quest but those are pretty basic. I dont recall any cutscenes in side quests.

The only thing that kept me going to 60 was coffee, bud, and lots of friends at launch. I can’t imagine the torture you’re going through & the disappointment you’ll feel after reaching 60.

I’m pretty sure this started out as a PVP/BR type game that then added PVE so I’ll give you it was added later and probably rushed. But everything else you are saying isn’t true IMO. The quests do give you the lore of the game and progress you where you need to go as you level. Not all of them but if you follow the main quest line it does what you say you want. You are probably doing a lot of the throw away quests that are really just for XP etc. So yes, those are going to be boring and not entertaining. Try staying to the main quest line and see if that helps.

As far as people complaining you do the same thing over and over. That’s every video game ever. The only difference is if you like the stories and visuals more. Every game doesn’t appeal to every player. I feel the same about other games so I get that. But it doesn’t mean the game needs to be changed just find a different game.

And please no cut scenes. This is the kind of game you should just get throw into and world build with the other players. Having to talk to all the NPCs is enough of a cut scene.

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Quests are just a really long tutorial, I just do them between my gathering runs to level up my crafting. I wish I were more invested in the story, I just do them when they are along my way. They are not obligatory unless you really want high level azoth staff, then you need to do the main story, but the back and forth side quests can wait a long time:)

Sadly only in the pages. However no one is going to read them.

The cinematic was great and then… Nothing.

Cut sences need to be added throughout. Especially main story and in expeditions.

Quest should all be voice acted. Why would you ever have a single sentence be voice acted but not the entire dialogue… Pay them to finish the job.

I’d even like pages read by a single narrator. - There should be two points to proc the narrative voice. First on initial discovery and a second if you choose for it to be read by going into your log of discovered pages.

I thought that was a sound bug as they are read all the way through initially and then seem to stop at some point. I also get some that don’t read at all even though the characters lips are moving.

Have you ever played ESO, GW2 or WoW? Those games do a good job(specifically ESO) at telling the player whats going on. 15 hours in and I have no idea what the game is even about. Side quests I get for not telling me much, but the main story is bland and more effort needs to be put into overhauling the main story.

And to your point defending the repition of quests, that is not true at all. ESO has incredible variety in quests as well as WoW. If there is repition, it is built around a narrative that leads the questing. NW does not have that. I really want to see the analytics of how many players even reached level 45 due to the blandness of questing. You telling me to just “find a different game” doesn’t help this game as basic main story questing is something every MMO should have at the minimum.

Yeah many have no voice acting.

Voice acting should definitely be added. It’s much more immersive. You’ll hear context you may have skimmed over with your eyes.

I really would like the pages narrated aloud. Currently that’s where the story lies.

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