Question about crafting legendary weapons

So today I got a Intricate Firearm Lock from monsters drop,
When I was looking at nwdb I saw that the musket and others crafts of legendary weapons are Bind on Pickup, which means you have to craft the item.

But when I saw the new void gauntlet legendary weapon, it’s bind on equip, which means that the weapon is tradeable.

So, the question is, why voidbent armor is tradeable, and the new void gauntlet is tradeable too but other weapons are not?

Link Void Gauntlet: Nothingness - Item - New World Database
Link to other legendary weapons:
Whisper of the Wood - Item - New World Database
Shield of Suppresion - Item - New World Database
Musket of Unseen Power - Item - New World Database

Is that a bug?


I think some legendary weapons are BoE. Needler rapier can only be crafted but is BoE

Curious where you got the intricate firearm lock to drop?

I got embossed Wrappings from tuskgore in restless yesterday

Just be aware that if you should craft some of the 565GS legendary weapons, its broke like the Windsinger lifestaff you will end up with:

This is supposed to be legendary and have another perk on it… but you end up with a downgraded version that is horrible compared to some random drop Life Staffs…

Looking to do the musket of unseen power and warpwood bow.
Would you happen to know if those can be downgraded too?
I noticed the life staff went from gold to purple after patch, but thought maybe that’s what it was suppose to be since it was 565 GS.
Which it’s locked at 565 right? Engineering food and clothes won’t change those types of weapons that you can’t use azoth on?

Another player finally got a response from the community manager where the windsinger issue (crafting a 565 legendary and ending with an epic minus perk) will be added to the fix list. Yes, these are a locked crafted item with static components ( you cannot add change components etc.)

I got mine over here, but at any monster lv 45+ you have a chance

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