Question about Empowering Leaping Strike Perk

Anyone can explain me how it’s work ? description is bad ^^

  1. I get 1 damage buff at 17% ?

  2. Or i get 17% damage for 8sec if y do leaping strike on the back ?

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Follow up question, does it go away when you switch weapon?


Consider it like a 17% rend on the target that only affects you instead of your teammates as well. It is not an empower and does not count towards the empower cap.

No it does not. The secondary weapon still gets the bonus.

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Ok thank you, so i get 17% more damage for 8sec right ?

Yeah thats why you try and leaping strike>shield bash>roly poly>weapon swap>murder

If you hit the leaping strike backstab yes.

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Thanks :heart:

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