Question about luck/loot table

Does anyone know what’s the minimum requirements (in %) to unlock the whole loot table (monsters and chests)? I’m not the biggest fan of luck gear so I was just wondering what’s the minimum percentage I have to wear to have access to every single item that can drop. I just don’t mind grinding longer but I don’t want to run in luck gear 24/7.

There are a few sites you can google that give luck chance per %.

I don’t think you can unlock the whole loot table.

For example I fish for oysters to get pearls in hotspots. In secret hotspots the loot table is rather small.

Blue fish

With just the perks on the fishing pole i would get a pretty even split between all of the above. But when used a full set of fishing perk gear and bait. The drop rate of starfish increased to 70% of the items caught. And That’s bad because I want oysters not starfish.

As far as I can tell luck modifies your loot roll up. And in some cases if it’s to high that can be bad.

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