Question about orbs and casts

I can’t find the information about an inventory limit to orbs, is there one? If I decide to wait on creating casts for whatever reason can I let my orbs stack up?

I’ve heard the casts scale your expertise when opened, not created so I suppose I could let the casts stack up but I wanted to find out for sure.


There is no reason to stack the casts.

I doubt there’s an orb limit, but I believe there IS a limit to the casts you can make a day. So, again, no reason to intentionally stack them.

Well if you would rather improve your expertise by fighting level 66+ before opening casts, so you don’t waste them on low number gains, then use them when close to 590?

You can do that, but that would still require making the actually cast. You can just stack up your gypsum casts and opening them when your expertise is higher sure, similar to how you can with outpost casts.

Yeah, but I was also wondering if you can stack the orbs, or need to make the casts because there is a limit to orbs stacking…

You can save them for days you don’t get time to obtain the orbs. Then use them each day on the same piece of gear. This is what I’m doing for my life staff, I always have one orb in case I don’t have time to get another so my staff is always progressing.

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No. Right… You can have in your inventory / storage the maximum gypsum for that specific type (diamond you can own 3 gypsum / sapphire 1. etc)
You have to use that gypsum to be able to earn more of that type.

You can have unlimited orbs although there wouldnt be much benefit in doing that, since you would still need to wait for the cast cooldown of 22 hours per slot.
Your best option would be to create all the casts that you want ASAP and then hold them and open them when you are a higher expertise level (one that youre comfortable with opening the casts for)

Personally im crafting all the jewelry casts I can each day since everything else is 590 and i will open the jewelry casts when im around 570

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A gain is a gain. There’s no evidence your bump is higher if you’ve done farming outside Gypsum first, therefore no benefit to not using what you can.

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