Question about the Day/week expedition limit

I don’t see anybody explaining IF the Day or week limit for expeditions is about how many times players can participate in expeditions or how many times players can open an expedition?

If it’s really about players participating, we need more than 25 mutated Expeditions. Imagine if low gears score players need help from high gears score players and the players with high gs have a limit. Naturally they Will reserve their participations for the high ranking expeditions, affecting low gs players.

IF the limit is about how many times each player can open the expeditions, this is a really good change and Will not impact low gs players.

Could any Moderator or developer clarify this to me?

this very question has been asked in different forms and from different locations. (forums, YouTube, and reddit) As of yet there is no answer from the devs. It is possible that they don’t know which way they want it to go. They at least upped the number of mutated expeditions from the original post.

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