Question about the December update patch notes (PvP Scaling)

So my entire faction is confused by the attached lines in the December update patch notes. Could a dev respond with an example of current patch and post patch gear/results? @Luxendra @Tosch @Kay @NW_Mugsy @TigerCr4ne @Critias or at least provide some sort of context?

It’s already in a bad direction. Scaling barely ever works as intended in MMOs, to down scale geared players instead of upscaling undergeared players is an issue. This means that undergeared players actually get a bigger boost than intended.

I understand the implications I just want to know if for instance 520 gear becomes similar physical/elemental armor as a comparable 600gs item or if something different is going on. Obv stats on item and perks won’t change but what happens the the base armor stats. They are referencing “armor mitigation” so what does that mean exactly.

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